Based in Pittsburgh, Chad Rugola founded Monster Worship in 2008 to collaborate with other artists who share his “religious” interest in kaiju, cryptids, and Japanese toys. So far, Monster Worship’s toy offerings include beaK’s Kusogon, Jeff Lamm’s Greasebat, Johnny Ryan’s Cannibal Fuckface and Rotweiler Herpes from Prison Pit, Dwid Hellion's Black Heksen, and Chad’s own Altar Beast. Martin Ontiveros, MCA, Galaxy People, Velocitron, and the talented sculptors Chauskoskis and Monster 5 are also among the artists who have worked with Monster Worship. In addition to appearing at SDCC, NYCC, Superfestival, and gallery shows at FOE, Rotofugi, and elsewhere, Monster Worship has also been a regular presence at the annual Mothman Festival in nearby West Virginia.